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Charity (no. 246329)

City & Hackney Carers Centre

"Supporting unpaid carers & vulnerable community groups within the City of London & Hackney."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Did you know?  - There are over 6.5 million carers in the UK, with more than 18,500 of them in Hackney and the City of London. 

A carer is anyone who looks after (unpaid) a partner, friend or family member who, due to illness, disability, an addiction or mental health problem, couldn't cope without that support. Carers come from all walks of life and all ages and many of the carers we support enter our service at a point of crisis and require urgent support. Carers support their loved ones with a variety of tasks including taking them to appointments, cooking for them of helping them to shop, checking in on them throughout the day, helping them to wash or dress, help filling in forms and benefits applications, reminding them to take their medication and getting them up in the morning or into bed at night. 

City and Hackney Carers Centre is  a small local charity passionate about supporting the well being and improving the quality of life of unpaid carers and vulnerable community groups within the City of London and Hackney. We offer information and advice, support groups, training and education, LGBTQ+ services, counselling, life coaching, listening ear and community based projects.

"City and Hackney Carers Centre, thank you for your support, kindness, time and energy - when life's been really difficult it helps to have people like you to lean on."

Our Services Are

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We offer information and advice, support groups, training and education, LGBTQ+ services, counselling, life coaching, listening ear and community based projects. (Please click on the green links below for further information.)

Carers Needs Assessment

A Carers Needs Assessment is your opportunity to talk about your situation, your own needs and things that could make caring easier for you. You will discuss the kind of care you already provide-this may include personal care, practical help and emotional support. You can also take this opportunity to address areas of difficulty and identify ways to resolve them with our services and support. 

Carer Support Groups

Want to meet like others who just get what its like to be a carer? Come and check out one of our Carer Support Groups! They are free to attend​, open to new members and confidential- which means that anything you say or hear in the group stays private. If you feel nervous about attending a group for the first time (which is very normal!) you can always get in touch with the group leader for a chat beforehand so there will be at least one familiar face for your first group meeting. New carers join all the time, so you won't be the only new person in the room either.

  • Male Carers Group - A group open to male carers. Expect peer support, group activities, sport, trips and more! This group meets on the second Tuesday of each month at St Joseph's Hospice Garden room from 4-6pm and on the last Tuesday of each month at the Whitemore Community Centre from 4pm-6pm. 
  • Magnolia Group -  A group for Turkish and Kurdish women who are carers to meet, socialise and share experiences! The group meets the second and fourth Tuesday of every month from 10.30am-12.30pm at City and Hackney Carers Centre HQ.
  • Valuing Carers Group -  A support group open to all carers. Expect guest speakers, creative activities, trips and more! The group meets the last Thursday of every month from 10am-12.30pm at City and Hackney Carers Centre HQ.
  • Mental Health Carers Group - A support group for carers of people with mental health needs. Expect speakers, trips, peer support and more! The group meets the third Tuesday of every month from 2pm-4pm at City and Hackney Carers Centre HQ.
  • LGBTQ+ Carers Group - Do you identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans or queer? Come to our LGBTQ+ Carers Group. Expect tea and cake, creative activities, peer support and more! The group meets the last Wednesday of every month at Open Barbers in Hoxton.
  • Somali Women's Group -  A group for Somali women who are carers to meet, socialise and share experiences. Expect tea, cakes and lots of peer support. This group meets the second Thursday of every month from 12pm to 2pm at  City and Hackney Carers Centre HQ.


We can help you with benefits checks and form filling, provide advice and help with claiming benefits, including appeals,  give information and advice on contacting Social Services and give generalist advice on housing issues, such as getting adaptations to the home. In addition to English, we offer free and confidential specialist advice and support  in the following languages: 

  • Gujrati,
  • Urdu, 
  • Bengali, 
  • Hindi and 
  • Cantonese 

To ensure we provide an effective advice service, it runs on pre-booked appointments only. To book an appointment please call reception on  020 8533 0951,  or email info@hackneycarers.org.uk.

Counselling and Coaching

  • Listening Ear - Caring can sometimes cause carers to feel stress, worry, anxiety, or isolation.  Sometimes just having someone to talk to about these feelings can help relieve some of the pressure you may be feeling. Listening Ear sessions are free one-to-one meetings with an experienced member the Carers Centre staff, where you can talk about your caring situation and concerns in a safe and supportive setting. Sessions last 45 minutes, and are by appointment only.  You can have as many as 6 sessions in a 6-month period.  
  • Coaching - Coaching can support you with anything from increasing your confidence, socially or at work, coping with stress, managing anger or building assertiveness, combating anxiety and much more. It can help you achieve your goals or overcome any barriers or problems you are currently facing. Coaching is usually offered in 3-6 sessions. The first step is to arrange a no obligations initial consultation, which takes places over the phone at a time which suits you.​​
  • Counselling - Caring is often satisfying and rewarding, but can sometimes make you feel tired, over-loaded, stressed or depressed.  Caring can bring up complex and difficult feelings, for which family and friends may not always be the best people to talk to.  Counsellors at the Carers Centre are trained to listen and to help you find ways to deal with these emotions.

We do ask for a donation on a sliding scale of £5 per coaching and counselling session to cover City and Hackney Carers Centre running costs.

Training & Events

We run regular training opportunities and events aimed to support carers to better cope and thrive within their role. Interested in one of our events or training sessions? Contact Victoria here, or ring the Carers Centre on 020 8533 0951 to book your space!

Oldie-Friendly Hackney Project

An exciting new project seeking to make Hackney more friendly for residents 60+. Our Oldies will also be venturing out into Hackney, identifying community spaces, venues, cafes, pubs, etc which are accessible and oldie-friendly. If you want to get involved contact Sallie Fellowes on Sallie.Fellowes@hackneycarers.org.uk;

Beating Bronliness in Hackney

Brocals is Hakckney's latest and greatest multi-generational men's befriending project.  Brocals decreases social isolation in Bro's over 50 who live in Hackney through a series of minibus and coach trips locally and further afield. Are you a Bro 50+ looking to volunteer your time driving or want to come along on one of our trips? Click the button here to visit the brocals website.

Dementia Discussions

Caring for someone with dementia comes with a complicated set of psychological and emotional challenges that can make you feel that your life is on hold. It can be lonely and isolating and we recognise the impact it can have on your relationships and abilities to cope with stress and manage crises. The Dementia Discussions is a project designed for and with dementia carers.

If you think you might be a carer click the button here and  complete our registration form to access support. Simply print it and post it back to us or download and email it to us here. It really is just THAT easy!

Additional Information

Carers News

Welcome to Carers News! Keeping you up to date with all the latest info, updates and services available to carers in the London Borough of Hackney and City of London. Carers News is released every quarter. Click here to view old editions. 

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