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Charity (no. 1143811)

Novus Homeshare

"Homeshare aims to combat loneliness and support people in living independent lives in their own home"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Novus Homeshare is a charity that matches people who want help or support around the house with people who need accommodation and are willing to help. Our service helps people from all walks of life in need of an extra helping hand at home in London (and surrounding areas), for a reasonable fee.

Homeshare offers a simple but effective solution to a range of social issues including isolation and loneliness amongst older people, lack of affordable housing options for the young and can also help communities by bridging the inter-generational divide.

Please click here to see the testimonials of people who have used our service.

“It works really well for me as it means that I have the security of someone in the house overnight. It also gives my family peace of mind as I have someone to help me with the tasks I find difficult and also brings a bit of company in the evenings. Bongi helps me with the cooking and some light housework and I enjoy the company!”

“A lot of people these days forget about older generations, but it’s so important not to let them be forgotten. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone because it’s so fulfilling. It’s given me a lot of happiness and compassion”

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Homeshare is a programme that matches people who want help or support around the house with people who need accommodation and are willing to help. Our service helps people from all walks of life in need of an extra helping hand at home. They get opportunity to share life experiences and help each other in the process

Are you a Homesharer - Looking for Accommodation?

We welcome people from all walks of life, our most successful Homesharers are responsible, caring and friendly, they are willing to help another person for 10 hours a week and in return they get their own room and share facilities with the householder, for a very reasonable monthly fee.

For a fee of £200 per month (approximately £6.58 per day) and a one off placement fee of £100 once you are matched with a suitable householder. (Homesharers are subject to a £200 Deposit payment which is refundable) you will get:

  • A bedroom in a house that you can call home and access to other facilities e.g. kitchen space etc
  • A suitable match with similar interests/hobbies.
  • To live in the heart of London for a fraction of the price of rent.

Student Saving Special

No matter what you call it we all have to look after our money, especially students. With a lack of income apart from a possible part time job and the Student Finance Gods (and your parents if you’re lucky) feeding us, we have to make sure our money goes the distance. Click here for a list of great tips to make your pound stretch…

Are you a Householder - Looking for Support?

Homeshare is an innovative scheme that allows Householders to remain in the home they love, get an extra helping hand and share life experiences with our carefully selected Homesharers. We cover all of London (and surrounding areas) and provide a service tailored to your needs as we believe every match is unique.

For a fee of £130.00 per month (approximately £4.28 per day) you will get:

  • A suitable match with similar interests and hobbies
  • Minimum of 10 hours of support each week
  • Companionship & friendship
  • Overnight security

Tips to live an active life after 60

None of us will age the same way, but we will all get to a certain age and think ‘I wish I was younger’, but what most of us don’t realise is that this isn’t as impossible as we may think. Studies show that staying physically and mentally active can make you feel younger and reverse the symptoms of ageing[i]. Here are 8 tips on how to live an active life after 60.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information visit our FAQ page

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If you are ready to submit your application, please fill and attach the document(s) in the forms here.  A member of our team will aim to get back to you within 1-2 working days.

Making a Referral

Do you know someone who needs a little extra support at home and would benefit from Homeshare?

Our staff have the experience, passion and sensitivity to provide a quality service, matching people successfully. We are a time-tested Not-for-profit Charity and work tirelessly work to match our clients ensuring their needs are met. We ensure the utmost security for our clients with each Homesharer being assessed against our standards. We carry out enhanced DBS checks and reference checks as part of our safeguarding policy.

To complete an application for a relative, friend or client, please click 'HERE' to download the application form. If you would like to submit a completed application form, please click 'HERE' or alternatively, you can email it to admin.novus@novus-homeshare.org.uk

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