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Charity (no. 1043956)

The Carers Centre Leicestershire and Rutland

"Supporting family carers across the diverse population of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

In Leicestershire there are over 105,000 family carers and we help over 3,000 carers every year. As a highly valued organisation we receive many referrals from GPs, social workers, health professionals, police and other charitable organisations. We offer a range of free services to help both practically and emotionally.

By giving family carers ongoing dedicated support we can help them cope with their situations within their own homes. Our work makes a huge difference to carers struggling to cope with disabled and critically ill loved ones.

Our Services Are


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We offer a range of free services to help both practically and emotionally. (Please click on the green links for further details)

Daily Drop In Sessions

Our Daily Drop In Sessions will run from 9.30am with the last available appointment at 4.00 pm. We have friendly staff members who will be able to take general information if our field workers are out on home visit, at meetings or outreach surgeries. We can open on Saturdays if this is more convenient – please note this is by prior appointment only.


The Carers Centre has access to a wide range of information and can help you with information about social care and health services, carers rights, and a range of other information. If you want to download more information about benefits, we suggest you visit http://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice/help-with-money for more information.

In response to changes in the UK benefit system, the charity Turn2us has launched a new free and easy to use online Benefit Calculator benefits.turn2us.org.uk. This vital tool is to help more people access financial support they may be entitled to.

We are currently looking at how to make our website more informative. Please check back to see what’s on offer soon!


Advocacy is a word that is used more and more these days but many people still remain confused as to its meaning.  We believe that advocacy helps people to speak up for themselves, or that an advocate will speak up on behalf of an individual. The advocacy service provided by the Carers Centre is independent of services like Social Services and the NHS. It aims to make a fairer balance of power between individuals, groups and professionals. If necessary, advocates will challenge the decisions that professionals make on behalf of carers. 

You can call The Carers Centre between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday on (0116) 2510999, or email enquiries@thecarerscentre.org.uk. A referral will be taken and an advocacy worker will contact you. All of our advocacy workers are able to offer home visits. We can offer appointments outside of normal working hours – e.g. evenings and weekends.

Training and Information Sessions

Over 60% of family carers are likely to suffer from back injury as a direct result of poor moving and handling techniques. While care staff are protected by law and entitled to receive training, family carers often do not receive the same protection. The Carers Centre is now offering FREE moving and handling training to family carers.

The Carers Centre are inviting you to attend FREE training sessions in response to Carers interests in the following programmes –  For training events please visit our Event page.

Prepared to Care with Confidence / Caring with Confidence

  • Finding your way – An introductory session which welcomes you to the programme.
  • Caring and Coping – Gives you time and space to look at the emotions involved with care.
  • Managing Stress Effectively– Relaxation and how not to avoid it. Reiterate the negative effect of stress on you, physically, mentally and how you feel and its impact on your behaviour.
  • Caring and Communication– Helps you get the best from communicating with professionals and service providers.
  • Caring day to day – The essentials of caring for someone every day from medication to emergencies.
  • Caring, Working & Life– Invites you to take time out and think about how to juggle competing demands and how your caring role fits with other aspects of your life.

To book a place please call Debbie, Debra or Lindsy on 0116 2510 999.  For training events please visit our Event page.

Carers Self Help Group

  • Do you feel you are not listened to?
  • Do you have problems with paperwork?
  • Do you feel you have some skills that might help others?

Come along to this open session, we will listen to your questions and give you advice on what to do.  We meet on a weekly Thursday or Friday.  At The Carers Centre.  From 11am – 1pm.    For more information please contact Debbie or Gill on 0116 2510 999. For full details please visit our Event page

City Mental Health Family Carers Group 

The meeting is open to people from the City, who are carers of a person who has a Mental Health disability or needs additional support due to their mental health.  This group will meet up monthly. For further information, please contact Lindsy or Gill on 0116 2510999.  For full details please visit our Event page.  

Information Sessions

  • Carers Assessment – What is a carers assessment? What can it do for me? How do I get one? How do I prepare for one?
  • Relaxation – Why it’s important to find time to relax.  Some easy stress busting relaxation exercises.
  • Open Session – Do you have questions about social care, caring or any other topic related to your caring situation? Come along and talk to our team in an open session.
  • Personal Independence Payments – What is “PiP” and how do you claim for it? How does it work?
  • Carers Rights – Does a carer have any rights? If so, what are they and how can carers use them effectively to get the support they need?

Please contact Debbie, Debra or Lindsy to book a place on 0116 2510 999.   For full details please visit our Event page.


You can also find useful resources here: http://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/stress.html

Additional Information

Short Breaks

We have a regularly updated directory that covers respite and short breaks services across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.  Please click here for the latest version of the directory.

Fact Sheets & Information

Here are some links you may find useful


The Carers Centre now produces a quarterly newsletter called United! Please click on the appropriate link here to find out more! For further information please call 0116 2510999 or click contact us.

Consulting Carers

Consulting with carers is a crucially important aspect of The Carers Centre’s existence and its future development. We aim to give carers a voice in the way our services are run and in the development of new services. Help can be arranged for transport costs to get to meetings, and we are examining other ways to communicate with carers.

We look at all aspects of our own services and also consult on wider issues – such as national programmes affecting carers. If you are a carer and you’re interested in helping us to increase our reach to carers, and to make sure our services remain relevant to what carers really need, please contact Charles Huddleston at The Carers Centre on 0116 2510999 or charles@thecarerscentre.org.uk

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