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Witney Oxford Transport (WOT)

"Campaigning for adequate public transport infrastructure in West Oxfordshire"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

WOT was set up by Oxfordshire people, many from voluntary organisations but all acutely aware that with the planned expansion of Witney and its surrounding areas we can no longer afford to rely exclusively on the A40.  We need instead appropriate alternatives, suitable for current and all future needs. Who would want to spend even longer stuck in a massive traffic queue to reach Oxford and its outskirts?  The people of West Oxfordshire deserve better.

WOT was founded in Witney as a cross party organisation in September 2013 with the help of Railfuture and thanks to a small start up grant from the RSA (South Central Region). In addition to our founding members we actively cooperate with other groups such as the Campaign for Better TransportSustainable Witney, the CPRE Oxfordshire and Bus Users Oxford

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We do not provide services as such as we lobby on behalf of our local communities and in cooperation with other charitable organisation to ensure that there is adequate and sustainable transport infrastructure in our area.

There has been a great deal of discussion on the subject of the A40 corridor since we were formed just over a year ago, and we are pleased that this topic is now high on the political agenda.We welcome the ongoing improvements to Hanborough Station, including better Park & Ride and more bus links from the A40 and the west. These will enable it to continue providing much needed short term relief, particularly for those living east of Witney. The success of this station demonstrates the potential for further rail connections in the area.

We are dismayed however by the recent proposals to dual the A40.  Many commuter hours could be saved by providing an alternative to the road itself, like a rail option.   We need to stop the narrow minded approach to this problem by our local politicians and start thinking long term instead.  WOT supports unconditionally the response of Sustainable Witney to the A40 Corridor Consultation.

Our Proposal

We have put together a proposal with emphasis on the long term development of our District, offering an alternative link between the Oxford and the Witney area (including Carterton and surroundings). 

We are mindful that some funding has been earmarked by the Local Enterprise Partnership to alleviate the situation.  We believe this is insufficient to complete a large scale project, but if these funds were used wisely they could lay the foundations for future positive developments.

This proposed phased approach is simply an indication of a possible route.  For the purpose of this proposal we have taken the viewpoint of demonstrating the use of as much as possible of the old track.  However, especially around Eynsham, Witney and Carterton, we are fully aware there are obvious challenges and other alternatives to these approaches may be more appropriate.  The final route decision rests on careful evaluations and studies which are beyond the scope of this initial proposal.  For now we just wanted to highlight what we believe are the essential milestones in response to the diagrammatic (and much less detailed) perspective that the LPT4 recently issued by the County Council has provided. We recommend to plan long term, but act short term, maximising the allocated resources.

Benefits of our phased approach

  • Maximisation of resources towards a long term strategy and not just a sticky plaster approach
  • Development of a new link (e.g. all the way to Cowley) resolving some of the congestion close to the Wolvercote roundabout and encouraging a switch over to other transport modes
  • Proactive, pragmatic and doable approach
  • Creating Park & Ride spaces outside Oxford is in keeping with solutions being looked at by OCC
  • No immediate large investment required, but a series of small steps
  • Truly intermodal interchanges providing opportunities to use local buses, bicycles or car to optimise a journey to/from Oxford

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