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Bath Open Christmas

"To provide a fresh cooked, hot Christmas Dinner to those otherwise alone at Christmas around Bath."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Bath Open Christmas provides a freshly cooked, three-course Christmas Dinner to anyone in the Bath area who would otherwise be alone at Christmas. This can include a diverse range of people including the elderly, homeless, and those marginalised from society. Creating a warm, friendly and joyful environment on Christmas Day with a programme of entertainment, a gift given by Santa and door-to-door transport can really make their day - and it's all free of charge.

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If you don't want to be alone at Christmas come and join our party, share in an afternoon of entertainment and enjoy a fresh-cooked lunch in a warm and friendly environment being looked after by our many volunteers. It's all free of charge.

Guests are usually recommended to Bath Open Christmas by charities, support groups and family members and are then contacted by us to confirm they wish to receive a ticket to attend. Anyone who is alone at Christmas can contact us direct, or be proposed by a relative, friend or neighbour, to join in the party. We welcome all faiths, denominations, races, genders and ages, and as our guests we expect you to uphold and respect these same values of goodwill to all.

Please print off and complete a downloadable form for yourself or on behalf of another guest, returning it to our Guest Co-Ordinator, or call for a ticket on our either of our Guest Line numbers, 07392 974405 / 01225 858488.

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