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Chill4us Carers

"Supporting carers and past carers 24 hours a day"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Are you a carer? Chill4us Carers is the social network community for family carers set up in 2002 and is about, information, humour, fantasy and fun, chat with carers and finding help when the caring ends. We are a free peer support group offering carer resources and have experience of the isolation felt by family carers, the struggle with finding grants, money and the general difficulty of finding help for carers.  We know that  when you become an unpaid family carer you can face a life of poverty, ill health and frustration.  There is information and advice for carers in our carers message boards, our website and free daily newspaper.

Chill4us Carers is based in Norwich, Norfolk. There is no need to feel isolated or afraid of the internet, as we are all there to support carers, and past carers, whether the problems be with benefits, disability, care of the elderly or children. Our 24 hour chat room is there for fun and support. 

We are unpaid family carers or ex carers who do this to support one another.  We do it because we care.  Our members have experience in all aspects of Care needs. If they can’t answer your questions or solve your problem they will know someone who can.

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Anyone can become a carer in an instant, nobody is immune, it’s not until it happens to YOU that caring for a sick or disabled loved one is understood and the everyday struggles a carer lives with 24/7, isolation and social exclusion is a big factor. 

Chill4us is a sanctuary for many carers, it’s somewhere they can go and be among other carers without having to leave the loved ones they are caring for, we provide a valuable service often offering a lifeline for carers who are isolated so that they no longer feel alone.  We have an arcade and a forum, which is used constantly throughout the day and lonely nights.

Additional Information

Online Newspaper

We have a free daily online newspaper. http://thecarersnewspaper.co.uk/

Campaigning for carers in Norfolk & the UK

Since 2002 we have been campaigning for carers in Norfolk and the UK  to enable family home carers to have a better lifestyle.

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