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Charity (no. 1177785)

The Include Project

"Making a more welcoming world for people with understanding or speaking difficulties"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

At Include.org, we believe that everyone should be included through the right communication. Our community projects (namely the Include Choir, which involves signing, singing, music and cake!), Makaton training opportunities, speech and language therapy and consultancy service, are all in action make to the wider community a more welcoming and inclusive place for everybody.

Our Services Are

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At Include.org, we are passionate about our inclusive communication services. Creativity, empowerment and enthusiasm along with our ‘won’t be beaten’ approach to problem-solving, ensures that our services can offer the very best.

The Include Choir

Our Redhill based choir meets on a weekly basis and embodies our spirit at Include.org. Endlessly energetic, spirited and welcoming, the choir's performances integrate signing, signing, objects of reference and music, offering new communication skills and a joyful social setting. To find out more please visit The Include Choir webpage.

Bespoke Makaton Training

We also offer bespoke Makaton Training to enhance communication and inclusion in the work place or community.  For more information please click here to contact us.

Speech and Language Therapy

Home based Speech and Language Therapy is also available, please click here to contact us for more information. 

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