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"A hostel which is safe and secure and staffed twenty-four hours a day for vulnerable young women."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

We provide a hostel as a home, which is safe and secure and staffed twenty-four hours a day for vulnerable young women aged 16 – 19, in the Manchester area, benefitting 27 per year. 

The ethos of Contact is very simply to provide for each young person "what any good parent would do". We offer support and help to move on to a better and happier future, with 7 residential places in the main house and 1 place in an adjacent independence bungalow. We also provide an informal outreach service for the young women who have moved into more independent accommodation.

Our Services Are

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What We Do

Each young person in our care is allocated a key worker who meets with them on a regular basis. They develop a personal plan which includes learning skills such as housekeeping, shopping, cleaning, cooking, and looking after themselves, with an emphasis on developing personal responsibility and skills needed for independent living. 

Young people are helped to realise their unique worth, enjoy and achieve and be helped towards maximising their potential, where many of the young people may come from chaotic lifestyles and backgrounds. We also help the youngsters to work through gaps in their childhood by having fun days out, marking birthdays, Christmas and other celebrations through our Good memories fund to contrast with what may have otherwise been a sad and lonely childhood. 

We also assist our young people with our hardship fund which provides funding for clothing, fares, birth certificates ID. This fund helps to establish much needed identity and accelerates independence. 

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Our service costs quarter of a million pounds per year to run,  therefore fundraising is a priority for us.

We are asking members of the community to  help  us in raising vital funds by holding events which can be small scale such as a barbecues, cheese and wine parties, or ambitious including dinner parties, or larger scale events.  

We at Contact have a fundraiser pack  with ideas, and advice on what to  look out for when for example organising a collection. We will support you all  of the way with materials such as sponsorship  forms, advice on Gift aiding donations, and help  with planning the event if required.

This is an opportunity for anybody who  to  support  a small local charity, working with one of the most pressing needs of the day namely homelessness. Its also  a great opportunity for anyone looking to  make a career move into  the voluntary sector, or to  learn event management.

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Additional Info

The young women referred to us come from a range of backgrounds which includes relationship breakdowns, fleeing domestic violence, oppressive family regimes, forced marriages, threatened abduction, physical and emotional abuse. They all carry the scars of rejection, trauma and loss. 

Significantly an increasing number of the young people accommodated have been "burdened" with the responsibility of being the "adult" in the family when parents may have been absent and or inadequate and often having to raise younger siblings so being denied the innocence and joy of childhood themselves. 

Over 90% of the young people we accommodate are raised in poverty, coming from the areas of Manchester associated with high levels of social deprivation and unemployment

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