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The Healthy Humans Group C.I.C

"Regardless of age, size or gender we provide a platform to socially interact through fitness"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Our Objectives

 * Old or Young, Big or Small, Male or Female, Fit or Unfit

 * Improve your Physical, Mental and Social Health

At The Healthy Humans Group C.I.C, our aim is to engage with any Individual regardless of age, gender, big or small and fitness level; to provide a service which encourages physical, mental and social health under the broader umbrella of well-being.

You will be assured of a warm welcome, our sessions are fun and non-competitive with the main emphasis on social interaction without realising you are doing any fitness.


(We cover a range of actitvies and no week is the same)

Our Services Are

Low Cost Charged

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We like to think we provide a safe environment for those looking to introduce exercise into their weekly routine, who might struggle with insecurities about going to the gym or in themselves.

Additional Information

We came into being following the success of a community programme run by Exeter Chiefs during the earlier part of this year; aimed at males between 30-55 who weren’t particularly active, the 12 week programme offered both classroom and activity based health interventions including those related to levels of physical activity, diet changes, social connectedness and mental wellbeing.  Guy Hamer, Founder and now one of the two Directors was part of the coaching team for this project and took the team through to the MLAP tournament at Twickenham in early May 2018.

We have been running Healthy Humans Rugby since May 2018 opening the sessions to both male and females of any age, we have between 15 -30 attendees each week with our youngest currently 9 and our oldest 71, all from different walks of life.  In September 2018 we received approval from Companies House for C.I.C status

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