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Paper Lifeboat

"Entertainment, education, and moral support for autistic adults and parents"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Paper Lifeboat is a blog about learning you are autistic later in life, which aims to educate, entertain and encourage others on the same journey. 

The author is also involved with a number of community projects and offers signposting to these. A community support group for adult autistic women is under development.

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If you are an adult just learning about the possibility of autism in yourself, read the blog and get in touch for a chat. Autistic adults are at 8 times a higher risk of suicide than the general population, and within this group women are at greater risk than men. Social isolation is a huge factor in this, and we know that autistic people tend not to seek out conventional meet-ups. We're looking to provide an alternative and we'd like to co-produce that with others in the same boat.

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