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Charity (no. The Rendezvous - You)

The Rendezvous

"Helping young people to help themselves (13-25)"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

We help young people (13-25) to solve problems, improve their personal circumstances and their relationships with others, to feel better about themselves and their ability to cope in times of struggle, and gain the qualifications they need to go to college, find a job or start an apprenticeship.

We do this by 

  • providing practical help and advice on benefits, housing, school issues etc
  • providing emotional and mental health support through informal one to one support delivered by youth workers or formal counselling sessions
  • tutoring to gain English and Maths qualifications (equivalent to GCSE Level 2) 
  • drop in sessions and outreach work
  • weekly support groups and home visits for isolated young parents 

Our Services Are

Free Low Cost

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What We Do

We give young people the opportunity to talk to our fantastic staff team and volunteers who will never judge, always listen and can be relied on to do their utmost to help.  We recognise that we are all individuals and that what suits one person may not suit another so we treat everyone as an individual and tailor the support to their needs.   If we don't know the answer then we'll try and find someone who does.  We can refer you to specialist organisations, advocate on your behalf and accompany you to formal meetings with other agencies.  

Our volunteers work on a one to one basis with young people so if you need to pass your English or Maths qualification you can come and study with us. You can start at any point in the year and take the exams when you're ready without any of the pressure associated with school exams.  And, with the qualification under your belt we can support you with applications for college, work or apprenticeships.    

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Our volunteers are a fantastic bunch of people of varying ages and backgrounds who tell us that they get far more from volunteering than they give.  They do an amazing job and most stay with us for years.  Those who do move on, do so because their circumstances have changed and in some cases their experience has opened new doors for them - we've had volunteers who find they enjoy it so much that they go on to teacher training courses and others who've used the experience to get other work.

To volunteer as a tutor you don't have to have any teaching experience although patience, humour and the ability to explain basic English or Maths concepts is a must. 

We need other people to help with the administration of our learning sessions which are growing in number and also help in our informal coffee bar sessions.

Or, if you fancy getting involved in some community fundraising then we always welcome people who understand what we do and can talk to others about it during fundraising events and activities.   

If you're interested or simply want to know more then just get in touch with us.

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