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Charity (no. 1144388)

Headway Preston and Chorley

"We support individuals and families whilst also promoting awareness of acquired brain injury."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Our vision is to enable people with or caring for someone with a brain injury, to live the best life that they can. 

In Early 2010 some interested parties and individuals realized a need for a headway group in Preston and Chorley.

Headway Preston and Chorley aims to advance the education of the public in all aspects relating to brain  injury and its prevention. 

We aim to relive sufferers, their families and carers as well as other related professionals. This done by the wide range of services we offer through our hospital and home visiting service, office appointments, community sessions and bespoke projects. 

All services are designed to enhance informal rehabilitation and empower survivors and families to rebuild their lives.

The advice, support and information we have provided has helped our nearly 700 clients to live more fulfilled lives.

Our Services Are


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