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Premier Taekwondo

"Shaping lives and changing futures - harnessing the power of Taekwondo"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Premier Taekwondo (originally known as Huddersfield Taekwondo Club) began in 2007, with 3 members, and was based in a school hall. In February 2010, the club moved into its own leased premises in Birkby, and in 2011 changed its name to Premier Taekwondo. The club is the biggest single site Taekwondo club registered with British Taekwondo, and currently has over 800 members aged from 3 years old, to adults of all ages.

The club teaches Taekwondo  from total beginner to Olympic standard, and classes for all ages and levels of experience run seven days a week. Members choose their pathway, training for health and wellbeing, to become part of the fight team, to take regular grading exams through to black belt and beyond, or to develop themselves as instructors or volunteers.

All of us at Premier Taekwondo believe that this is a special place within the community. All backgrounds, cultures, and ages work, play and compete side by side.

The coaching staff, players, volunteers, parents and admin staff have worked passionately over the last few years to create a vibrant, welcoming club that caters for the whole community. The club has many success stories – medal winners, confidence building, weight loss, behaviour improvement, school projects, education and training, and much more. 

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What We Do

We can help you to become fitter, we can help you learn the basics of Taekwondo - and then advance through the sport to the level that suits you.

More importantly, we can provide you with a place to make friends, to socialise, to become part of our 'Premier Family'.

We are very much a family orientated club, and everyone is welcome, regardless of age, gender, culture or ability.

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Many of our members train purely for fun, for fitness and to meet and socialise with like minded people. We are a very big club, with over 800 members ranging from 3 years old to 'adulthood' (and we span at least 6 decades, and 3 generations!). Volunteers are vital, especially when we need to take a few dozen children to competitions!

We also have an increasing number of youngsters achieving at National and International level. Several of our members represent Great Britain, and training, travel and competition expenses can mount up quickly for families. We do what we can to help - but business sponsors are always welcome. 

By sponsoring one of our young athletes, you could really impact on the futures of our young people - and we can help raise the profile of your business, and support you to achieve your social responsibility goals. 

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