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CIC or CIO (no. 6936643)

MONA LISA Arts & Media

"use the arts for community development, by bringing people together to work in co-operation"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

We are a Community Interest Company carrying out participatory arts projects in the community working with people of all ages and abilities. We collaborate with artists to facilitate high quality arts projects and activities. Our work is about helping groups and individuals to connect with their creativity to empower and enable them to bring about a renewed sense of community spirit, build confidence and raise awareness of issues such as:- environmental, social and education.


Our Services Are

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Our service provides high quality arts facilitated by artists with many years experience in participatory arts. We use the arts as a vehicle to help bring about a renewed sense of pride, community engagement and learning. We believe the arts are an antidote for our times. 

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