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"Group mentoring for primary-aged children"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes


We help any children in Years 3-6 at both Westcliff and Gatehouse Primary Academy Schools  who might benefit from a sincere, but light-hearted weekly after-school club that offers a listening ear, where the highs and lows of life can be shared in a fun, and safe space.

We give children the opportunity to meet with mentors in small groups for interactive group mentoring sessions. Sessions focus on sharing stories from everyday life at school and at home, goal-setting, engaging with the school and their values and social opportunities, decision making, and healthy life choices and activities.

Students meet with mentors once a week and work on overcoming obstacles and reaching their goals. Groups listen to inspiring stories, centrally from other children within the group, but also from mentors' own experience, and have discussions in a fun and trusting environment. Through ‘Be-Dazzled’ students feel more connected and empowered at school and have greater access to opportunities in the community.

‘Be-Dazzled’ is a welcoming and inclusive space. We do not promote any particular political or ideological position. Although some of our volunteers are from the local church, they are not here to proselytize. However, they will happily share something of their own story of faith, if asked, and will occasionally share bible stories, in line with the National Curriculum, if these relate to School Values or children's life experiences. We offer children the chance to pray, or reflect, if they prefer, as and when appropriate. 

‘Be-Dazzled’ is run under the auspices of Dawlish Christian Fellowship (DCF), a local church, in collaboration with ROC Dawlish, a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO).

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What We Do

We would signpost you to the school office where consent forms are available for parents and carers. Your child could then attend on Thursdays from 1520-1630 during term-time.

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