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Finding & Connecting with Local Support & Opportunities is

aDoddle is the UK’s first network of connected community maps focused on supporting people and communities. With over 150,000 charities and even more local community groups and organisations, that provide vital support, opportunities to volunteer, places to connect or resources, there has never been a more critical time to bring this information together in one place.

Find Support on Your Doorstep

Discover Opportunities to Volunteer

Connect with Likeminded Others

It's 'a Doddle' and Free to Start Searching Now

Time is Precious and finding local support or opportunities should be easy

Searching the internet can be a challenge especially if you're looking for help for yourself, a loved one or a friend. You may not know where to start, what to search for or even what support or opportunity would be best

EVERY person, in EVERY community

Deserves to have an easy and accessible way to find help, give help and get connected locally.

aDoddle is for You - Whatever Your Story

You can start searching now and it’s FREE to …

aDoddle is bringing together Charities & Community Organisations across the UK to build a resource that supports Everyone.

It's 'a Doddle' and Free to Start Searching Now

UK Charities, Community Groups and Organisations Can Create a FREE Profile on the Map

Adding your profile to the map is 'aDoddle' - Just ...

Every charity, community group or organisation provides vital support or opportunities to people & communities. offers the ability for each of these organisations to have a free profile helping them to be found by those who need them - for whatever reason. So each organisation that takes the time, to add their profile to the map, is helping to 'put the puzzle' together - and could be the important piece in someone's search.

Helping You Take Control of Your Life

It’s frustrating when you can’t find the support you need. Hidden in your community are amazing charities, community groups and opportunities. aDoddle is here to help you feel more connected by finding the places that support you.

What will you do first?

Start searching to …

It’s also aDoddle for …

Start Searching Now

Value and Impact for People & Communities

Benefits & Value for Charities, Community Groups & Organisations

  • Free Profile – Can be used as a ‘Mini-website’
  • No need to purchase a domain name
  • No cost for ‘hosting’ your profile
  • No website development time needed
  • Simple profile creation – just add your information & it is done
  • Easy ‘master’ profile duplication for multiple locations of the same project
  • Direct contact – no need for a custom email address & hides personal email
  • The ability for partial branding
  • Access to free profile ‘header’ templates in Canva
  • Free marketing
  • Increased opportunity to be found by those who need help or want to help
  • Access to free support workshops and the Guides Hub

Estimated value per profile between £600 – £1600 – depending if using instead of having a website developed.

Based on the lower figure of £600 per profile, with the 3000+ profiles on aDoddle’s community maps, that is an annual value to the charity and community sector in excess of:

Key Features of aDoddle

Simple Search - Map or List

aDoddle lets you choose how you view information.

With a few clicks you can choose map or list view, select a radius and add filters, the choice is yours.

Unique 'Traffic Light' System

Quickly and easily see how ‘fresh’ profile information is.

Green – Updated in last 6 months.

Turquoise – Updated within 6 – 12 Months.

Blue – It is over 12 months since the profile was last updated.

Connected Maps

aDoddle is a growing network connected area-based community maps – meaning that over time it will provide a ‘true’ picture of the organisations & resources in every community across the country.

Listening to Your Feedback

aDoddle started because of a need for some of the most vulnerable within our communities to be able to find help and support easily – however the more our team spoke to people from all walks of life the more we realised that community mapping done it the right way could benefit everyone, help empower people and support the growth of more resilient communities.

Ability to Embed Maps

An ‘aDoddle’ map can be embeded in any website, geo-located to an area and even focussed on specific niches – making it an ideal ‘add-on’ for any organisation – Local – Regional – National.

Constantly Evolving

Community Mapping is a bit like the Christmas advert that the RSPCA uses where they say ‘A puppy is for life – not just for Christmas’. We believe that Community Mapping is not just for Covid-19, a storm, a flood, etc. It is for every day and every community.

For People & Communities

Making it ‘aDoddle’ to find local support, opportunities & resources.

So whether you are seeking help, somewhere to volunteer or a place to connect with others locally.

– It really is ‘aDoddle’ –

For Charities & Communities

Making it ‘aDoddle’ for charities, community groups and organisations, of all sizes, to raise their visibility, helping them to found by those who need them or want to support them.

For Businesses & Communities

Making it ‘aDoddle’ for businesses & their communities to be more connected.

Many local businesses express a desire to support local organisations – yet struggle to find them.

– Now it’s ‘aDoddle’ –

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a Question?  – Check Out Our FAQ’s

(More dedicated faq pages coming soon)

It really is 'aDoddle' - just add the name of the town or area to search bar and click Search.

You can then select different filters, a radius and also choose how you see the results, either by list or by map view.

It is really simple - just like filling out an online form and then in the background the aDoddle platform turns your information into a 'mini-website'.

Your profile is about telling the story of - who you help, how you help, the difference you make, the help you need and how to contact you.

We recognise that charities, community groups and projects provide vital support and opportunities for people in communities. The work that you do makes a difference in people's lives every day.

Yes - definitely. There are a couple of ways to do this. 

  1. Just ask and we will see what we can do
  2. We are actively seeking partner organisations to work with so that more areas can have their own maps. 

If you are interested please do contact us @ [email protected]

Enthusiasm for having a map, good networks with charities, community groups and organisations in your community and a willingness to encourage those organisations to create a profile on the map.

Also there is the ability for us to give you editing control of the area-map website so that you can add more pages that are relevant to your community. This would have potential benefits in times of crisis, local events, updating communities, .... the list is endless.

Sponsoring a map is 'aDoddle' and there are a few options.

Would you like to be a key/title sponsor of an area map (or the UK wide one)? Or would you like to be one of the four local business sponsors of an area map?

All you need to do is email us @ [email protected]

Tell us the map you are interested in, the type of business (we only allow 1 per niche, per map).