About aDoddle

Did you know that there are over 200,000 charities and community projects in the UK? Yet there is nowhere that brings this information together in one place, so that they can be found based on location and need.

aDoddle’s aim is to change that.

It is part of If Everyone Cares, a registered CIC (Community Interest Company), that has one main mission:

Create a National Resource for Use at a Local Level to Connect People & Communities - One Click at a Time.

Our aim is to work with charities, community projects/groups and other organisations that provide help/support, opportunities to volunteer or places to connect with others by creating an online map that will facilitate and encourage cross-community collaboration: people with charities; charities with each other; charities with businesses; businesses with other businesses and people with people.

With your help - Let’s make it aDoddle to connect with your community

Overview of If Everyone Cares & Core Projects