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Adding your profile is as easy as 1-2-3

Your profile on aDoddle is about helping you to tell the ‘story’ of the amazing work that you do

During our research, with people from all walks of life who were either looking for help or looking to help,  nearly all of them told us that they were just looking for the ‘story’, the bit that told them about the difference either your help, or the help they can give you, would make to their life. They weren’t being selfish – just honest. There were 5 Key things they wanted to know

Who you help – How you help – The difference you make – The help you need – How to contact you

aDoddle profiles are easy to create. Just fill in each section – one step at a time. You can even ‘Brand’ your profile with your logo, your key colour, a header, sadly not your font as we did research to find a font that made profiles easily accessible.

Quick Guide to Adding Your Profile

5 Key Things People Want to Know

Benefits of Adding Your Charity, Community Group or Organisation to aDoddle

Increased visibility

Encourage volunteers

Free profile page

Connect with other organisations

Opportunity to gain support from local businesses

Other Benefits

Our Unique Traffic Light System

aDoddle has a unique ‘Traffic Light’ system so users can easily identify profiles that are up-to-date, meaning that they can have more confidence in the information being accurate ​.If a pin-point is green then the profile has been updated in the last 6 months, if it is amber then it is 6-12 month and red is over that.
This system is as much for the benefit  organisations as it is for users. ​An automatic system that sends you a reminder email two weeks before your pin-point changes colour. All you need to do is log in, check the information is still correct, make any changes, click save and then your profile will stay green for another six months.

Social Media Opportunities

aDoddle likes to help raise your profile for you through social media. If your pin-point is green then we will happily share your profile for you. You can also ‘Tag’ us in your Twitter posts if you would like us to share any of your posts forward for you – It’s really easy – and it’s all free.