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5 Simple Ways You Can Support aDoddle

Over 150,000 charities, community groups and organisations in the UK...

... yet until now there's been no single place that brings this information together.

We're inviting you to join us on a journey that will change this and make it aDoddle for everyone, no matter what their need, to find them.

Make a Donation

Make a one off or regular donation – A simple way to make a difference

Donate Unused Gift Cards​

Donate unused gift cards through Cardyard – Ideal for everyone who has an unused gift card stuffed at the bottom of a drawer, the back of their wallet or the bottom of their handbag

Sponsor a Map

Sponsor an area-based community map – Ideal for businesses or individuals who want to support their community

Partner With Us​

Established Charity or Community Organisation?
Partner with us on area based map – help us to raise awareness

Join The Community Pledge

The Community Pledge – Great for businesses that want to support their community but don’t know where to start