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The Suited & Booted Centre

"Providing suitable interview clothing and interview coaching to vulnerable, unemployed men"

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Covid-19 Virus Update.
We are now open again to seeing clients in person. We are taking all reasonable precautions to protect clients and volunteers against the virus. As always, clients will need to be referred and will be given a specific appointment time.

Suited & Booted is a charity that helps vulnerable, unemployed and low-income men into employment by providing interview clothing and interview advice.

Our clients may be struggling and in need of support, both financial and practical. They may not have the means to wear suitable clothes to ‘look the part’ and therefore unable to give themselves the best possible chance at a job interview.

We aim to make a difference so that our clients can move forward with the ability to succeed and find their own way in society.

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What We Do

We give our clients suitable clothing – perhaps a formal suit or a smart casual style – and then guide them through the process of a job interview. This gives them better prospects of success and contributes to their general self-confidence and self-esteem.

We help our clients create a positive first impression when seeking employment.

CLIENTS ARE REFERRED TO US by public agencies and charities such as Jobcentres Plus, the NHS, Crisis and London Probation when they have the offer of a job interview or work placement.

The first 30 seconds of an interview are crucial as employers make up their minds about potential candidates very quickly. Getting appearance and presentation right are vital to be seriously considered for the job.

We provide a welcoming, friendly environment where clients come in for a dressing session as well as some thoughtful advice, interview training and support.

When clients come in to be fitted, volunteers help them find a good quality suit that fits well and looks great. Clients and volunteers also work together to find the right accessories such as ties, cufflinks and shoes.

Our clients keep their suit and accessories. We can also assist when they get their new job by providing a few extras, such as shirts and ties, to support their working wardrobe.

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We need volunteers for fitting our clients, assisting with the smooth running of the Wardrobe, sewing, interview training and mentoring, and administrative support.

There are six main areas of volunteering opportunities at Suited & Booted:

Fitting -as a Fitting volunteer you will assist clients to help find a suitable outfit for their job interview. To make a good fitting volunteer, you need an eye for style, excellent communication and people skills, and lots of patience and energy.

Wardrobe volunteers - as a wardrobe volunteer you play a crucial role by supporting our infrastructure and making sure that all our clothes are ready for use by being sorted, steamed, ironed, measured, hung and well presented. You need to be organized and tidy, energetic and enjoy working with clothes. 

Sewing volunteers - we need your skills to do small repairs such as sewing on buttons, repairing torn lining and hemming trousers.

Interview advisers - as an interview adviser you will assist our clients prepare for their interview by helping them present their skills in a confident manner.

Mentors - for supporting our clients with extra help for their job search.

Administration volunteers  - dealing with a variety of tasks, such as greeting clients, answering the telephone, booking in clients, responding to emails and inputting and analysing data. You need very good people skills, and a professional and flexible approach.

Clothing Donations 

Any clothes you donate, go directly to one of our clients, helping him look good, feel confident and increase his chances of a successful outcome. We need quality clothing and footwear in every size to accommodate the needs of our clients. We are desperate for shoes and larger size suits (above chest 44”) and smaller suits (chest 38”and below). We don’t have a budget for cleaning so very much appreciate that all donations are dry cleaned or freshly laundered and interview-ready when we receive them. We always need suits, shirts, ties, cufflinks and belts, and shoes. We also collect coats and warm jackets to keep our clients warm in winter. We would appreciate too any spare suit bags that you might have along with toiletries, new socks and underwear. Should you wish to donate clothing to Suited & Booted please email , or call 07808 531 654.

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Additional Info

We do not receive any government funding and are totally dependent on grants and donations for the work that we do. Our charity relies on volunteers for all aspects of our work. This keeps costs low and adds value to the generosity of funders and the service that our clients receive

Please see our website for more details on how to give or click on our Donation page in the Contacts section

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