Charity (no. 1104642)

Dorset Race Equality Council

"To challenge racism, celebrate diversity and promote equality for all in Dorset incl BCP area."

Who We Help, Why We Help & the Difference It Makes

Dorset Race Equality Council (Dorset REC) is a registered charity (No: 1104642). It is an independent and impartial membership body.

We inform and educate regarding race/ethnic relations to:

  • Eliminate and counter misunderstanding and negative political propaganda.
  • Raise awareness of race/ethnic equality issues with both public sector organisations and private businesses.
  • Challenge prejudice and disadvantage and promote the importance of a diverse society.
  • Inform minority ethnic individuals of their rights.
  • Strengthen community relations in Dorset.
  • Work with partner organisations to influence policy and combat racial discrimination and racial violence.
  • Uphold both the letter and the spirit of UK and EU law.

We hold the Advice Quality Standard, which provides you with assurance that we have met certain criteria that demonstrate a commitment to quality.
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Our Services Are


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What We Do

Dorset Race Equality Council offers information, advice and advocacy to people who have experienced discrimination or abuse on account of their race or religion. This service is free at the point of access and open to all residents living in Bournemouth, Poole or Dorset.

We also offer a third-party reporting service for the victims of hate crime or hate incidents, who may not wish to go directly to the Police. This enables us to ensure that victims have access to appropriate support and, if they wish for us to do so, we can pass on valuable information to the Police, whilst protecting the victim’s anonymity.

Dorset Race Equality Council works in partnership with public, private and voluntary agencies to share knowledge, experiences and to collaborate on projects to best meet the needs of the various ethnic community groups who live in the local area.

We offer input into the delivery of key public services such as health and social care, policing (amongst others) to promote cultural sensitivity, inclusion and equal opportunities.

We offer interactive training in unconscious bias, cultural awareness, what is discrimination and how to tackle it.

We can support local agencies with the writing and implementation of Equality Impact Assessments. We can also check Equality Impact Assessments and act as a critical friend.

We offer Equality and Diversity Health Checks and provide a full report on how an organisation can improve their Equality and Diversity policies and procedures.

Dorset Race Equality Council provides information, advice and guidance to new and existing Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community groups and people. We encourage local individuals to get involved in their community and celebrate different cultures. We also organise and attend a broad range of events and forums that enable us to promote equality, diversity and inclusion and listen to what the public has to say about these issues.

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Dorset Race Equality Council is always happy to work in partnership with other organisations to facilitate and promote the involvement of diverse communities and to reach out.

We do not use volunteers, but we are always seeking new trustees for our board.

We are always happy to recieve donations which you can make through the link on our website home page.

If you wish to contribute, to make donations or to join our trustee board contact the CEO Nathalie Sherring at [email protected]

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Additional Info

What our clients say about Dorset Race Equality Council.

We always ask for feedback from people that we help, for us to know whether or not we are doing the best we can.  Here are some things that clients have said about us:

"The team members are wonderful hard working friendly with honour and dignity and integrity".

"My caseworker helped me, told me many precious advice , attended meeting, answered my calls and emails quickly and she accepted to be my representative regarding ACAS communications. Honestly, all words of thanks are not enough to express my gratitude to her. I am very grateful to her for all her help and kindness".

"Very professional and my problem was resolved efficiently and successfully".

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