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"The LVFF was formed to try improve the overall situation regarding flooding and its consequences"

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The LVFF was formed with support from West Berkshire Council (WBC) in the wake of the serious flooding in the valley in 2014, which caused significant damage to property and infrastructure and left many people out of their homes for several months.  It is one of a number of flood forums around the country, that have been developed to help residents and businesses become more resilient.

Its members are made up of representatives of communities throughout the valley, and we have been fortunate in recent years to have had leadership provided by two Lambourn Valley  WBC Councillors, our current Chairman being Howard Woollaston, who is also responsible for housing, leisure and culture on WBC.

We seek to engage with WBC, Thames Water and the Environment Agency (EA) to assist them by highlighting issues and encouraging the development of solutions.  To date a flood alleviation scheme has been completed for Eastbury, and Thames Water have been investing very significant sums in improving the infrastructure and providing emergency support when it has been needed.   A major upgrade to the sewage system in the upper Lambourn is expected to be completed next year.

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We have been engaging regularly with the EA regarding a flood alleviation scheme for Great Shefford, which it is hoped will be completed during 2023.

Whilst being primarily being concerned with improving the overall situation regarding flooding, and its consequences, we are also very concerned about the environment and the need to improve the quality of the water flowing down the river, particularly given its designation as a site of special scientific interest. The Lambourn Valley  Catchment Area has recently been identified by Natural England as a designated area for Nutrient Neutrality .  We actively engage with the EA and TW on these topics in the search for solutions. 

Longer term we are planning to develop a Lambourn Valley emergency plan that would sit alongside the WBC plan, and Parish plans, and which would help communities to be aware of resources that may be available in their immediate locality in case of any emergency.

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Please note that as a voluntary group we are focused on encouraging long term improvements that will benefit the community of the Lambourn Valley as a whole, and are not in a position to act as intermediaries on your behalf with regard to any immediate, or ongoing personal issues you may have with either the emergency, or other services, who you will need to approach directly on your own behalf.

If you would like to contact your local representative on the LVFF, please email [email protected] or alternatively contact Emergency Planning at West Berkshire Council  [email protected]  who will forward on your request . 

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Connect with Lambourn Valley Flood Forum today to find out more

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