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Digital Leaders Week - June 2023

Community Mapping - Utilising Tech for Good to Support Resilient Communities

Digital Leaders - Public Sector Insights Week

Community Mapping - The Missing Link

A bit About Asset Based Community Mapping is Community Mapping ‘Out-of-the-box’- a flexible and versatile overarching tool which connects people and communities – one click at a time. Empowering people to find the right choices & opportunities for them, at the right time, in the right location. 

The Problem: Across the country the importance & value of Asset Based Community Development is high on the agenda for many organisations, both at a local, regional and national level. The combination of the pandemic and now the cost-of-living crisis, has highlighted the urgency for a resource that helps each sector within all communities to easily:  

  • Provide an overview of existing community solutions & knowledge, to aid key decision makers, supporting the development of community collaboration, links & networks, leading to the growth of more resilient communities 
  • Empower people, from the ground up, by helping them to discover the support, opportunities and resources that they can access within their community. From warm spaces, walking for health, support during a crisis, resources to escape abuse, places to volunteer or connect with others, and much more. All of which help to reduce isolation and the impact of crisis situations. is positioned perfectly to as the missing link between communities in desperate need of help to develop their resilience.

Digital Leaders - Innovation Week

Digital Leaders - Community Mapping - Building Empowered & Resilient Communities

Digital Leaders - Innovation Week 2022

Digital Leaders - Innovation Week 2021

Digital Leaders Week June 2021: Community Mapping - Supporting More Empowered and Resilient Communities

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