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Day 1 #PiF2C

It’s Day 1 of the “Pay it Forward 2 Communities” #PiF2C 12-day challenge!

Here are todays challenges, you have two to choose from! You can catch up on our previous blogs to read more information about the challenge.


Your challenge today is to make your own Kindness Cards! A kindness card is a card that says something positive like “You look great today” or “I believe in you!”.  Feel free to make as many as you like,  decorate the card, and give it to someone you think deserves it.  Have a look at these for some inspiration.


Your challenge is to to call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Whether you have fallen out of touch with a family member, friend or colleague, call someone to brighten their day.

Can’t think of someone? Why not look at volunteering with Time to Talk? Find out more about how you can help below.

Time to Talk

Time to Talk is a confidential listening service run by Living Options Devon via their freephone helpline and their webcam helpline – phone for a chat, or information and advice. They are looking for people who can help with their Time to Talk phone line/video chats and Chat and Share Groups, which are being run online at the moment.

Time to Talk has a combination of well-being conversations and motivational guided conversations. This helps people become more connected in their local communities or make changes in their lives to address issues of loneliness and isolation.

Peer support is an essential part of their delivery, so they’re looking for volunteers with disabilities or long-term health conditions. During Covid, the nature of their calls has become more befriending orientated particularly with their older service users, with more regular chat telephone calls.

Their Chat and Share groups are a way of trying to get people to connect with each other. They currently run an online quiz night on a Monday evening but are keen to open up other groups – men’s group, creative / craft group, etc. They are looking for volunteers to coordinate and host these as there is a priority for these groups over the winter months!

Find more about the work they do and how you can help on their profile.

Or check out their website:

Or feel free to contact them on tel:01392 459 222 or email: [email protected]

If you are hard of hearing please contact them by SMS: 07856426940 or use the same email address as above.

Here are the 12-day checklists for you to print. To take part all you have to do is complete the challenge of the day and (if you can) take a photo and post it online – don’t forget to tag us and the partnering organisation!

We will be posting the challenges daily on our social media and blog so feel free to follow us using any of these links.

Want to know more about aDoddle?

Whether you are in Lands End or John O’Groats, a rural village or a bustling city there may be a time when you are either looking for support, for somewhere to volunteer or a place to connect with others.

aDoddle is working to create both a UK wide map and a Network of ‘connected’ area-based community maps to bring together charities, community projects, groups and organisations, of all sizes, that provide these vital opportunities.

Making it ‘aDoddle’ to:

Find-Connect-Colaborate5-no logo-1000-1000

Adding a profile is 'aDoddle' and Free

Find out how you can support aDoddle

All information is added directly by the charities, community groups and organisations themselves. They are encouraged to share:

The 5 key things that people want to know about your charity, community group or organisation - Who you help, how you help, the difference you make, the help you need and how to contact you

aDoddle adds to this by having a unique ‘Traffic Light’ system which instantly shows people ‘How fresh’ the information is. Giving confidence to the person seeking thier help or wanting to support them.

Sharing is Caring

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