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Exciting Announcement – Donate Unused Gift Cards to aDoddle

Giftcard Donation Launched ...

... to give grassroots support

We are excited to announce that Cardyard, the UK’s top Gift Card exchange, is supporting aDoddle by making it easy for people with unused giftcards to donate them through their platform.

Why Cardyard is supporting aDoddle 

With more than £300Million* expiring in unspent gift-cards each year Cardyard, the UK’s number one gift-card exchange, offers people a unique way to safely trade and buy gift-cards online. 

Cardyard, as well as being fantastic for those who are ‘savvy’ about making or saving money, is now offering people who care about supporting local community charities the opportunity to do that too!

Mike Hayman, MD of Cardyard said:

“You, me, the team at Cardyard, all of us – we are all members of our local communities, and we believe it’s important to support our communities by giving back, by being positive community members, and by helping where we can.”

“We were delighted to discover what’s going on with aDoddle and we want to be a part of this exciting and pioneering project.

“At Cardyard we have been reviewing opportunities to support a worthwhile organisation for some time. We are firm believers in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and as a young company we feel it’s important to get involved just as soon as possible”.

Through aDoddle, Cardyard aims to reach out even further:

  • Encouraging business partners to get involved and focus their CSR investment more locally
  • Helping aDoddle raise funds to boost their innovation, spread the platform and build local maps even quicker
  • Encouraging our customers to support aDoddle – which in turn supports all charities & grass roots community organisations
  • Encouraging new people (those who might otherwise let a gift card go to waste) to use that gift-card to support aDoddle.

Mike is philosophical about his choice of charity support.  He continues: “We acknowledge that by choosing one charity, it does mean that many others may seem to be left “unchosen”. We also know that smaller organisations are currently screaming out for funds, help and support.

“One of the things I really like about aDoddle is its national reach. The Cardyard market is national, so we believe that any good cause we support should also be national. This means that if any of our customers just want to donate to a good-cause, we can facilitate this with our link to aDoddle which supports other good causes and charities nationally.

“We believe that with at least £300 million* wasted giftcards in the UK, these can be put to essential use, giving right back into the community.   

“Longer term we hope to be able to identify the specific community areas that people would prefer to give – so future donations will be able to tie in with the location maps. But in the meantime we want to get national donations up and running, so at first we will be setting up an option for people to give directly to aDoddle, to grow the aDoddle support and maps, thereby providing smaller community organisations with higher visibility across the UK”


Your Donation Has the Power to Change Lives

At aDoddle we use every pound to help raise the profile of local charities, community groups & organisations. This in turn helps make it ‘aDoddle’ for people to Find help, Find where they can give help, or where they can connect with others locally or online. At the same time it helps exisiting organisations to find each other, leading to potential collaboration and greater impact for people and communities. It also helps local businesses to find local organisations to support.

Thank you

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