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International Dog Day

August 26

International Dog Day is a special celebration of all dogs around the world and the companionship and loyalty that they show to us.

Dogs truly are ‘man’s best friend’, and #InternationalDogDay is a fantastic opportunity to showcase what these special animals do to keep us safe, guide us, and bring us joy. If you think about all the roles our furry friends play in our communities, it really is quite incredible! They have quite remarkable abilities, often sacrificing their own safety to selflessly protect the most vulnerable in our society. They work with law enforcement, emergency services, the army, and individuals that may need additional help, like those who are partially sighted or who need extra support. Not to mention, they consistently show us unconditional love and unending comfort, and brighten up our ‘ruff’ days with their waggy tails and goofy smiles. They’re not only super cute, but they’re extremely useful, and humans and dogs have a long and special relationship that has evolved over thousands of years of cooperation, trust, and kinship.

International Dog Day raises awareness, too, of the significance of rescuing our furry friends, as there are so many dogs in the world that are in need of a stable home, and a loving family. The day can act as a gentle reminder for us to try and help these exceptional animals where we can. Sadly, many rescue centres and dog shelters are fit to burst with abandoned dogs, often for reasons through no fault of their own. Although it’s not a decision to be taken lightly – pups, and training and looking after a ‘new best friend’ can be a lot of work! – rescuing instead of buying from a pet store or a breeder can be so, so rewarding.

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Source: International Dog Day | 26th August 2024 | Twinkl – Twinkl


August 26
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