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Digital Leaders Week 2020

An Invitation I Couldn't Refuse

Seven weeks ago I recieved an email from Robin Knowles,the CEO of Digital Leaders and Digital Agenda, asking if I would consider running a talk during Digital Leaders Week 2020.

I had two simultaneous reactions that were totally at odds with each other. The first ‘Heck Yes – I’d be honoured to’ and the second ‘He must have sent it to the wrong person! You can’t do that!’

Before I could let the neagtive self-talk take hold I replied with the ‘Yes I’d be honoured to.’ Robin came straight back to me and the following day the date and time for the talk were scheduled.

Over the next couple of weeks just over 400 people booked to attend.

I would love to say that it went without a hitch, however that wouldn’t be accurate. However the feedback was wonderful and the contacts since the event have been quite incredible.
A guide to the replay video timings are at the bottom of this post.

If you have any questions then please feel free to email me

One message that I got through LinkedIn after the event really made my day. It was wonderful to be able to share it with the team. It is comments like this that motivate us to keep going, along with knowing that aDoddle makes sense.

In Gratitude

Jaki 🙂

Guide to Video Timings:

0: Pre-start, Poll, ‘house-keeping’ & Intro
 7.08: Who Jaki is (founder of If Everyone Cares CIC) & Her Why & What
 9.24: The Starting Point – The Problem – Research – Beta Launched – The Celebrity who suggested the name ‘aDoddle’
11.38: The Problem – The cost of disconnected communities & UK poverty
12.43: What is Community Mapping and how can it help – Accessibility – Equality – Diversity – Inclusion
15.20: Starting point – data can help everyone in a community – removing stigma – helping everyone within a community
16.25: Why the time is now – Levelling up every single charity, community group & organisation
18.59: Adding profiles to the map – why other mapping had failed – why aDoddle is unique
20.07: Profiles are like Mini-websites and can be partially branded, can be used instead of having a website.
The 5 key things people want to know
The ease of finding the relevant information – structure
20.13: Empowering people – what is right for one person may not be right for another.
23.17: Area Based Community Maps
Identified over 400 key authority areas across UK – Developed ability to create maps in any area across the UK.
Plan to launch maps in every area.
Multiple Access Points
Ability to drop a map in any website
Power in Communities
12 Regions
27.06: More about Area Based maps – ability for community to have control of home page
Potential – How it could have helped for Covid-19
It’s not too late
28.19: Development – coming soon – new features
29.06: Reminder of some of the figures
Potential Savings – Example – Unemployment
30.46: Social Impact
UN Sustainable Development Goals
31.43: Ways to Support aDoddle can be as simple as:
Spread the Word
Create a profile – free
Donate an unused gift card
Grant Funders – make it part of your application process
Partner with us for an area-based map
Sponsor an area-based map
What sponsorship funds
Key sponsor
36.37: The bit I wish I could remove – How half a dozen eggs can nearly de-rail a webinar!
39.14: Our goal to re-invest in communities
Poll – How much do you think it has cost us to-date to develop aDoddle?
 42.30: Q&A

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