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Children’s Art Week

Children's Art Week is run by Engage - the National Association for Gallery Education. During this time, schools, art galleries, museums and community groups are encouraged to plan and provide art activities and events with the goal of providing opportunities for children, young people and families to take part in practical activities with artists and […]

Shark Week

Shark Week happens every year in July or August. It’s a yearly, weeklong grouping of shark-related show episodes, documentaries, and movies that airs on the #DiscoveryChannel. Shark week was first aired on the 17th of July 1988 with the purpose to focus on conservational initiatives or addressing myths related to sharks. Moreover, Shark Week allows the […]

National Marine Week

Contrary to the title, National Marine Week is celebrated for a fortnight from July 24th to August 8th to appreciate the magnificent sea animals and plants that exist in the United Kingdom on a national scale. During #NationalMarineWeek, people from all over the United Kingdom may come out to explore their local shoreline as the […]

World Breastfeeding Week

#WBW2024 will focus on survival, health and wellbeing. It will showcase the need to improve breastfeeding support to reduce inequalities that exist in our society with a special focus on breastfeeding in times of emergencies and crises. #Breastfeeding can act as an equaliser in our society and efforts must be made to ensure everyone has access […]

National Allotment Week

This year, National Allotment Week will run from 12-18th August with the theme of #Biodiversity Good soil health is widely accepted as a way to improve yield when growing edibles but also contributes positively to #Biodiversity and the environment as the world faces more climate challenges. The NAS hope that this #NationalAllotmentWeek will inform and […]

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